About me

Hi, I am a software developer enthusiastic about open source software and hardware. I am especially interested in helping with wider adoption of decentralized systems. I currently reside in Poland. You can find me at various European events related to Chaos Computer Club, the hacker community and free software. Contact info and links to my various profiles are listed on the home page of this website. Why is Club Mate so hard to come by outside of Germany? Complain to your congressman today!

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These days I primarily use Go and TypeScript for frontend stuff. I also sometimes use Python (which I used to write a lot of) for maintaining older projects.

I started my programming adventure with Pascal and Delphi. In the past I used PHP (the trauma related to that is probably permanent), C#, CoffeeScript and some other languages. I used to program in Java professionally but found the ecosystem to be tiring.

I find the idea of writing projects accessible from a web browser appealing as people can check them out without installing anything. I am also a proponent of decentralization in the hopes that it will bring control back into the hands of users.

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Most of my projects are listed under /projects/ or on my Github profile but it's difficult to keep track of everything. I sometimes write posts under /thoughts/.

I use Vim a lot, check out my dotfiles.

Some demos for my projects are available here (this is the same stuff that is linked from various pages under /projects/):

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Some other content: