Wabi-kusa stand

Part list

  • SYNS√ĄTT cutting board from IKEA
  • KVART desk lamp from IKEA
  • an LED bulb (I got one that was about 800 lumen)
  • a piece of wood measuring 4cm x 4cm x 10cm
  • 40mm long wood screws
  • some sort of wood glue
  • something to coat the wood with, preferably matching the color of the cutting board (it didn't in my case as it was transparent)


  • 12mm wood drill bit
  • small wood drill bit slightly smaller than your wood screws
  • sandpaper
  • pliers or an appropriately sized wrench to remove the large screw from the lamp base


  1. Unscrew the upper part of the lamp from the circular base. If you just bought it is already unscrewed I believe. Put the upper part of the lamp aside.
  2. Unscrew the 12mm screw which screws into the top part of the lamp from the circular base using pliers or a correctly sized wrench. Put the screw aside. You don't need the base, the large circular washer or the small nut.
  3. Prepare a 4cm x 4cm x 10cm piece of wood:
    1. Cut the piece of wood to the appropriate size.
    2. Take the 12mm screw and note how much of it sticks out when it is screwed into the top part of the lamp. Drill a hole in what will be the top top face of the piece of wood you just prepared using the 12mm drill bit. The hole should be slightly longer than the length of the screw which sticks out.
    3. Use sandpaper to smoothen the piece of wood out and prepare it for applying the coating.
    4. Apply the coating and let it dry out.
  4. Screw the 12mm screw into the hole you drilled out in the piece of wood. Apply wood glue to it beforehand to make the connection stronger. Remove the glue which may leak out and show up around the screw using a paper towel.
  5. Align the piece of wood and the cutting board. Use the small drill to prepare holes for the wood screws. Screw the piece of wood to the cutting board. You can apply glue to the connection first to make it stronger.
  6. Attach the lamp.