• Basilisk

    Basilisk is a static website generator written in Python. It is used to generate several of my websites, including this one.

  • Botnet

    Botnet is an IRC bot written in Python.

  • Darkness

    Darkness is a 2D platformer game written in C#.

  • Digcraft

    Digcraft is an OpenGL project written in Java.

  • Flightradar

    Flightradar is a project utilizing a RTL-SDR for real time flight mapping.

  • Guinea

    Guinea is a CLI library written in Go.

  • SourceDrops

    SourceDrops was a pastebin website written in PHP.

  • Terminal Colors

    A website for uploading terminal color schemes built with Django.

  • Vatsim

    Vatsim is a project mapping real-time Vatsim flight data which consists of a web application, tools and an API written using Flask and a mapping server written in Go.