SourceDrops was a pastebin website written in PHP.

I started this project during high school as one of my first experiments with web development. I believe that it was initially created when I decided that it would be useful to have a way to store code snippets on my own server and access them using a browser. At some point the project simply got out of hand - its scope kept increasing and eventually I arrived at a fully functional pastebin website, featuring:

  • a complex system of user accounts including OpenID logins (Google, Yahoo and myOpenID)
  • private and unlisted snippets, adding snippets to favourites
  • a tag system used to catalog the uploaded snippets together with short Stack Overflow style descriptions
  • tag synonyms preventing the creation of similar tags
  • user centered voting system used to decide which tag synonyms should be added
  • a Reddit-like popularity algorithm and a voting system
  • different language versions implemented using my own internationalization system
  • comments featuring syntax highlighting and markdown with live previews
  • an administration system and a system of user reports used for flagging comments, snippets and users
  • several automatic solutions used to detect abuses such as spamming
  • granular caching system designed to limit the strain on the database
  • many more...

The website stayed online for a couple of years. Unfortunately the several screenshots which I was able to find are from an older development version of the site.